Late last month, I saw a great product on Gizmodo. Basically they are Cheeseburgers for campers, Cheeseburgers in a can or better called Canburgers. To cook these wonders you simply put the can in a pot of boiling water for 10 minutes and voilá, you have a nice warm burger. with all the trimmings. So I took myself off to Trekking Mahlzeiten (a great German company) and ordered 4. Over the weekend, I got the urge to try them out, after a few beers on the town with friends. Here are the results

Cooking Canburgers

So let’s see what’s in the can …

canburger instructions

So you get a pot and put it into the boiling water

Burgers in the pot

So after boiling it looked like this, funnily enough

undamaged can post boiling

It wasn’t that easy to get the burger out of the can. Here I am fighting with it, there were ring pulls at the top and at the bottom of the can.

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