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I’m sure if you find yourself here, then there is a reason, and you may already know a little (if not a lot) about me. But here is a quick summary:

  • name : paul savage
  • age : keeps changin’
  • born : cork, ireland
  • lives : boston, USA munich, germany
  • Graduated : 2001 BSc. (Maths,Physics), UCC, Cork, Ireland
  • Graduated (again) : 2004 BE (Microelectronic Engineering), UCC, Cork, Ireland
  • works as : electronic engineer, IT consultant
  • likes : coffee & snowboarding & puppies
  • sports : skiing / gaelic football


So that’s me in a nutshell. Maybe when I get more time (in work) I will update this a little bit more. But for the time being that should keep you happy.

You should be able to find me on FaceBook and LinkedIn. Connect with me on twitter @paulsavage. For all things work related you can try paul savage‘s business site.

Thanks for reading !
Thanks for reading !

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