Late last month, I saw a great product on Gizmodo. Basically they are Cheeseburgers for campers, Cheeseburgers in a can or better called Canburgers. To cook these wonders you simply put the can in a pot of boiling water for 10 minutes and voilá, you have a nice warm burger. with all the trimmings. So I took myself off to Trekking Mahlzeiten (a great German company) and ordered 4. Over the weekend, I got the urge to try them out, after a few beers on the town with friends. Here are the results

Cooking Canburgers

So let’s see what’s in the can …

canburger instructions

So you get a pot and put it into the boiling water

Burgers in the pot

So after boiling it looked like this, funnily enough

undamaged can post boiling

It wasn’t that easy to get the burger out of the can. Here I am fighting with it, there were ring pulls at the top and at the bottom of the can.

getting it out of the can

You can see the lovely sesame seeds on the can

sesame seed bun

Simply the best chef there is ! You can see that there are pickles and sauce on the burger.

the finished product

Let’s zoom in on this bad boy

zoom in on the burger


The first bite !

first taste

getting into the burger

Getting stuck in


its a bit tough

Maybe I need some beer to wash this down…

burger and beer

The beer helped alot, this was the remains. I almost forgot to take some close up shots of it.

a close up

You can see the lovely seeds on the bun. The cheese ended up looking like something out of a sick babies nose

look at the pickles

So all in all it was tasty, albeit a little chewy. Now I have 3 more waiting on the counter for another drunken nights cooking experience.

1 down three left

Maybe the next ones will actually turn out like they say they will look more like the picture on their website.

canburgers as they should be

Canburger Review

Overall it was tasty enough, a bit better than those microwave ones you get, but probably not as good as what you can get in McDonald’s. I was surprised that there was sauce on the burgers, and that the cheese actually melted. The meat did look ultra processed, and it’s something that would make Heston Blumenthal , but as an alternative to a late night burger it definitely fills the gap. These are certainly nothing compared the CheeseBurger Fridays burgers that got me featured on A Hamburger today (a cool blog about burgers), last year. In fact they have some pictures of canburgers on there too.

10 thoughts on “Can-can-canburgers

  1. it was just under €22 for 4 burgers including the postage. My left eye looks a bit damaged in the pictures, but now it seems okay (I think I was drunk at the time). Actually these are a pretty safe meal to cook when you are drunk, compared with using an Oven or a Fryer.

  2. My cousin ate a fried raccoon turd fed him by his brothers on a camping trip.

    He said it was rather dry and bland.

    Is a canned burger better?

    1. The can burger was pretty rubbery Obbop, I’m sure it’s better than eating raccoon faeces, that’s for sure !

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