Sam I’m not your father

I’ve been getting an increased level of emails from people I don’t know. I don’t post them all here, but they’ve been concerning various random topics, from readings of my gas & electricity in the UK, to an ad for a 2001 Chevy van 2500 in Elmira NY, to investment details from Hinduja Bank in Switzerland. I really don’t know why people don’t check email addresses, or make sure that they are giving out the right email addresses when they sign up to services. It can’t be that hard, and if you are having issues telling people your email address, then you should either get an easier one, or maybe consider giving up on email all together.

This morning I was greeted with another one, from Sam who was looking for his father. What’s interesting is that Sam sent the invite to gmail to a gmail address, wft ? Either way, Sam I’m not your father….