Banking of Ireland Phishing

Following the TSB phishing email this morning we received yet another, this one pretending to be from , on closer inspection you can see that it directs your to a similar, but different,  domain name, . This tactic is used by phishers quite often, sometimes they will use subdomains like Where you might not notice that the domain name is not right in your browsers’s address bar.

The BOI phishing email :

Dear Customer,

Your account has been temporarily limited.
To remove the limitation from your account
please confirm your credit card details on file.

For confirmation, please click the link below:

Sign In to 365online account (link removed).

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Thank you.

© Bank of Ireland is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland in Ireland.

Banks generally don’t email their customers, they tend to send letters via the post. So do be suspicious about any emails you get from banks ! This email seems to be sent to email addresses associated with Irish domain names. So we guess they’ve checked the WHOIS data for Irish domain names, and emailed those addresses linked with the domain name registration.

Checking that SSL is used

Before you submit any personal, sensitive, login data over the internet to your bank, or similar website, you should check that the connect is secure, and it’s connecting to where it says it is. For this reason you should check that SSL is being used, you will see HTTPS instead of HTTP in the URL address bar. Also companies will use a SSL certificate that will verify that the webpage is on the server it says it’s coming from.