Getting fit : how am I doing ?

3 months in to my plan on getting in shape, and things are coming along nicely. It’s been tough to keep motivated, but seeing the results for the hard work really motivates me to continue. Watching what you eat and avoiding alcohol is tougher than I thought, but I think these two factors really affect my weight loss.

Of course it’s not just all about weight loss, as I’ve started to do some weights sessions instead of just running, swimming & cycling. So there should be a increase in muscle, I hope. Just looking at weight loss alone is like having a 1-D view of things. Other metrics of progress can be the TI (total inches), energy levels, which in my case are also noticeably better.

Making it fun

I’ve started to like these mini training sessions, where I just take 1/2 an hour to do something. I just do enough to break out a sweat, and to sustain that for 10-15 minutes. The barrier to doing a session, from the time limit aspect, is reduced. Some days I can even get to do two of these. These I find better, and they fly by, especially when I listen to a favourite Mac podcast or take a phone call. It’s human nature to shy away from things that aren’t fun. By having this relatively low barrier to do something doesn’t give me much of an excuse not to do a session. We all have 30 minutes in the day to do something right ?

The Stats

February 2012
March 2012
The goal is to hit 74 kgs, so there is still a bit of work to go.

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