Have a Mantra

A little bit longer than a normal mantra, but here is a 15 minute long mantra from Gary Vaynerchuk. He explains the ultimate way to be happy and successful by doing what you love.

I’m still going through the whole moving to being 100% self employed, but as a motivational video, I just love this. Gary Vaynerchuk explains that you don’t need money to do what you love, you simply position yourself to succeed. He explains that you do you can do things after hours, come home from your 9-5 job, grab a bite to eat and then start doing what you love from 7pm until 2am. That’s enough time to have an impact and change the world.

He ends by saying, ” just work” that’s how you get it.

I treat this as my little mantra, and I’ve probably watched* it at least 30 times so far. Do you have a mantra ?

How not to get a job

I run a number of jobs websites and it’s funny or sad to see what comes in to the email addresses associated with them. Here is one I got earlier today:

hai this is james mailing form india i watn any job in u r contry i work with any body sponsor is the pls send the mail i am waintng for the mail it very urgent

If I was an employer I wouldn’t look twice at this. I mean there are various reasons why I wouldn’t extend my hand and try to point this guy James in the right direction.

  • Poor English : Grammar / Spellings
  • No reference to qualifications / background or an offer to send his CV.

And this is beside the fact that I don’t have any jobs that I could offer this lad myself !

There are even people who reply to my jobs blog posts asking me for jobs with the companies I have blogged about. Normally I don’t reply to them, if they are stupid enough to think that I, as a blogger can help them get jobs at SuperValu or a job at IKEA then they don’t diserve a reply. Sometimes people try to paste their CVs in reply to blog posts, but I delete these.

I’m all for new ways of getting jobs, but these routes highlighted here are bound to fail !

Real reviews of businesses ?

coffee ripoff from cork
coffee ripoff from cork

In my epic search today for some whole coffee beans (whole coffee beans doesn’t sound right) I came across this review for Cork Coffee Roasters which in my opinion stinks of coming from someone attached to the company. It goes something like this:

It was really good value too, and a great place of breakfast. Inside the café on Bridge Street it’s quite small, but nicely warm and homey. It’s pretty popular, with lots of locals coming in for their morning take-away coffee. All the beans used in the blends here are hand roasted in Cork, and a lot of the pastries on sale are made using only organic ingredients.

Maybe I am just too sensitive to totally positive reviews.  It seems like it’s too overdone, what ever you business you have you will have good reviews, and not so good reviews, but you should not try to go out and blatentally try to game these review sites. Someone will see it, and possibly call you out. When looking at Amazon reviews for books and products, you can spot when they are coming from the Authod/someone attached to be product/etc.

And as for their “really good value”, I took a look at their site, for the prices of their beans which they charge from €30 for 1kg (which I can get it for 1/2 the price in Germany), I really wonder how someone could say that it was good value.

Anyone know where one can get some reasonably priced whole coffee beans ?