Crew Ale – Munich Micro beer

A lot can be said about the quality of Munich beer, but sadly not a lot can be said about the local diversity. The main breweries :

  • Augustiner
  • Späten
  • Paulaner
  • Löwenbräu
  • Hacker-Pschorr
  • Hofbräu

all brew similar enough beer, especially when it comes to their Helles. Over time many of the smaller Munich establishments that had breweries, like the Drei Groschen Keller, ended up going out of business or being sold to the larger breweries.

Munich’s newest brewery

I’m always excited about new local businesses or startups, be they selling cupcakes, french food, proxies, mexican food or dropbox managers. I like to get to know something about these local small businesses, and I’ve made some great connections with some of them.

Today I wanted to write about a new brewery, by 2 guys Mario Hanel & Timm Schnigula, Crew AleWerkstatt ( I first discovered them in one of my favourite local bars that serves a diverse selection of beer, namely Vivo ( Right now they sell two types of beer, a pale ale and an IPA. I hope in the future these guys will branch out to other sorts like seasonal beers, I guess only time will tell.

Munich Crew Ale

Crewale is different

One great thing I like about these guys is that they will deliver to your door, via the postal system for free if you order 20 bottles and are in Germany, check out their shop online. My only criticism is that you can’t order 10 pale alse and 10 IPAs (get on it lads !).

The price for beer is more expensive than that of the main-stream breweries, but that’s more than likely to do with economies of scale. A beer, delivered to your door will cost about €1.30 for 33cl, where as in a shop you can buy 50cl for about €0.85. In my mind it’s worth it, and I recommend that you check these lads out.

Check them out at

Bring on the Summer

It’s funny how the weather can effect people, it effects their mood, their energy and probably other things too.  The last time I posted , way back in March there was a  bit of snow on the ground, and well now there is nothing but clear skies forecast for this week.

great weather

For the last few weekends the weather has been nice and warm, in or around the 20°C (65-70°F). And it’s kicked off the beer garden season. One nice beer garden in Munich is right on a lake in the middle of the English Gardens, the Seehaus (Lake House in German). It’s only about 10-15 minutes walk from the centre of Munich. Here is a picture (from briethe) looking across the lake and into the Seehaus Beer Garden.

see haus munich

This is one of the best ways to pass the time on a Sunday in the Sun.