Time for New Years Resolutions

I am not really a person for NYR (New Years Resolutions), as I believe that you can make conscious changes at any time, and it doesn’t just need to be on Jan. 1st. So here are mine, 3 weeks into Janurary.

  • get in shape, well not that I am over weight, but I do think that I need to tone up a little
  • have a more regular working schedule. Start at 9am and finish at 5pm or earlier. 
  • go to at least 3 new countries. South Africa is already planned in March, so I just need to find 2 more. 
  • to stop buying new domains, the plan is to develope the existing ones (about 30) before I go  further. 

So there I have it in writing. 

P.S. The domain here is still being setup properly so do let me know if there is anything askew.

Setting some goals

After the month-long holiday, and doing very little excerise & drinking a lot of beer and eating well, I’ve decided I need to hit the gym and loose some weight.  I’ve also decided to put it in writing so that I don’t skirt around the issue. So the aim is to loose 10 lbs, 4.4 kgs by the end of February.
Let’s see how it goes. The final weigh in should be sometime at the end of February.