A way of searching for things

Last month I was in the states and picked up the latest Google Phone, and have really found love. One of the coolest features is the Google-Goggles, and I think in the future it will really be a new way of searching. It allows you to take a picture of an object and it will tell you what exactly it is, be it a painting, a book, landmark or a logo.

Have a look at this quick video for a complete idea about what it can do.

What it means for search

If, in the future will be able to take a picture of a cake and Google Goggles will be able to deliver a recipe for that particular object, or not I don’t know, but it would be great if it could ! I don’t think it will replace how most people search, but it now suddenly enables your mobile phone to be that bit more useful.

Google Goggle example

Here is a picture I uploaded, to test it recently. You can see the picture is off centre, at an angle and not complete.

But still Google was able to analyse it and it came up that it was Georg I Schneider, which was of course right.

Some ideas

I would really love to see it having the ability to take picture of medicine, and telling the manufactures details about that particular medicine.