When not to email a doctor

I get some random emails every week, like earlier this week I received a complete landscaping proposal for “my garden”, it had a detailed project plan and everything. Today’s email is from a doctor, actually it’s his out of office message, and it goes something like this

I am out of the office until October 13, 2009.

For refill requests and other clinical concerns, please call (617)XXX-XXX and listen for the prompts.

In case of emergency, please go to your local emergency room or dial 911. For urgent clinical matters call the hospital operator.

What I find strange is the fact that the doctor needs to tell people that they shouldn’t email him in an emergency. Which probably means people do so on a regular basis ! Crazy !

A New Type of Weather

Today’s famous new weather from Yahoo! is called Wintry Mix.

wintry mix weather

Wintry Mix is great, it offers all types of weather you can expect during the months November to January. I’m really looking forward to this Saturday. Actually on Saturday I will find myself down around Hitler’s favourite holiday area in Berchtesgaden, in Southern Bavaria. Kehlsteinhaus also known as the Eagle’s Nest, was a present for his 50th birthday, and costed an estimated €150 million in today’s money to be constructed. Hilter wasn’t a great fan of heights and it is reported that he went to Eagle’s Nest a few times, maybe 10 or so for as little as 1/2 an hour.

Mr. Bossman (1)

The other day I wander to into the bathroom in work. I look towards the sink and I see Mr. Bossman filling his cup underneath the tap in with water and drinking it. I found it funny that he wanted toilet water when there was a water dispenser only 10m away from the toilet door. Maybe Mr. B’s time is too important to waste by going all the way as far as the water font. Who knows ? I do know toilet water isn’t as nice ! 😉