Getting the hang of the Canon

For about the last year I’ve been busy playing with my Canon 500D, and it’s only now I am starting to get comfortable with it. After about 4,000 plus photos (and doing 1 wedding) I have found that more and more of my pictures are coming out better than I had ever expected.  For those of you getting into photography with a DSLR, my only advice is to play with things,  and to try out the different settings. Take as many as photographs as you can and eventually you will get used to using the camera in its different mode. Here are two I took last week at a BBQ.

And for those of you who want an extra special present for Canon fans, check out this Canon Lens Coffee Mug.

Some pictures from Fashings 2010

During the week I received my new toy, the latest pride and joy, a fancy Canon lens (EF 70-300mm 1:4,0-5,6 IS USM). Not wanting to miss an opportunity to take some interesting pictures as Tuesday was Fashings (the German version of Carnival), I took my kit into the city to put it through its paces. Here are some of of my favourite snaps from the day.

In Germany (Munich & Cologne in particular) they tend to go a little mad in the streets with lots of crazy costumes and a bit of prosecco and beer thrown in.

The world outside my window

Just back from 2½ weeks in Ireland, and while the weather was quite bad at times, i.e. lots of ice / cold / snow, it was still great to be back. I’m not going to comment on how the County Councils could run of of salt and grit, or fail to have adequate material dispersed on the roads, because, well it doesn’t happen every year.

Generally I am a fan of the “bad weather“, snow really makes the city streets quieter (it absorbs the sound), like the brightness in the mornings, and the feeling of a few flakes landing on your tongue as you walk down the street. I’m a big fan of the mountains and skiing and I’m really looking forward the season ahead. I’ve missed a bit of the season already, so I’m eager to hit the slopes.

I didn’t mean to ramble on, what I wanted to do was share the view from the office today :

now it’s time to get that snowboard waxed …