God I Love Food

This weekend was quite the gastronomic weekend. Here is a pic of what I had on Friday night :

It was some fine ribs from Restaurant Rusticana (www.rusticana.de) is near Ostbahnhof and well worth a visit. I think they were the nicest ribs I’ve ever had in my life. Properly cooked with an excellent sauce on top. They went down a dream with some Starkbier (extra strong German Beer, served during Lent) If you visit do remind me to bring you here !

And then Saturday myself and A went on and all you can eat Sushi adventure, watching the nice fresh fish zoom around on the Sushi Train was good fun. It was the first time I’ve had all you can eat Sushi, and I think I must have polished off more than 20 plates of the stuff. At the end of it all I was so stuffed I thought I would need one of these