Looking for Karl Bauer / Karl Hunt

In 2007 – 2009 I worked with a Dr. Karl-Peter Bauer at the EPO (European Patent Office) in Munich, and I’d very much like to get back in touch with him. If you know anything about him perhaps you can get in contact via this form. Some other information leads me to think his name was origionaly Karl Hunt. He lived in Munich, Germany since 2005, and possibly worked in Frankfurt before that. He said he was married to a Carolin Bauer, and they had a child together in 2008. He used the name Karl Bauer after this. I last had contact with him in 2010, via email, these email accounts now seem to be cancelled. He said he had a Swiss father, served in The Marines and in Northern Ireland, and in 1996 he apparently broke his back in a ski accident. This all appears to be made up and a lie.

Karl was born on 3/10/1963.

About Karl Bauer

I don’t think he was actually a PhD. doctor, nor any other kind of doctor. He has a strong IT background, and has worked in the IT and finance areas. He said he was originally from Birmingham, with family connections in Switzerland as well. I can’t verify if any of this was 100% true. I’ve been able to track down some information from addresses he gave but they all turn up nothing concrete.

  • Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
  • Glascote Road, Tamworth, Staffordshire B77 2AE

He might also be in the Zurich area of Switzerland with a friend Barbara Simonet.

A picture of Karl Hunt

At the time we lost contact, end of 2009, he said he had MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and that he was going to Thailand for some treatment. Some people I know sent Western Union money to him there, so I can be pretty sure he was there, and then afterwards he went back to the UK. But after that he seems to have disappeared from the face of the planet. Now I don’t think he is a scam artist or anything like that, he was a genuine person when I knew him, but over time his stories didn’t match up.

Possible locations

2003 – 2004 England (London, Birmingham )
2005 – 2010 Germany (Frankfurt & Munich)
2013 – Switzerland (Zurich)
2014 ??

Connected people

Josephine Bauer
Carolyn / Carolin Bauer (born 1981)
Barbara Simonet

Information on Karl Bauer

If you have any info that you would like to share, you can contact me here.

Outdoor swimming pool : Schyrenbad in Munich

So the summer is finally here, and in Munich a great things happen. Biergardens open, people are on their bikes, but best of all the summer outdoor swimming pools (Freibad) open. These are generally open from May to September and are well worth a visit. Last Saturday I was dragged along by my Ironman friend, and we went to the Schyrenbad at 9am for a swim.

It’s located at Claude-Lorrain-Straße 24, 81543 München, and the nearest U-Bahn is the U1/U2 at Kolumbusplatz.

Above is a picture of the kids pool with a slide and below is the adults pool, with a lane market for the serious swimmers. The Schyrenbad is open daily from 9am-6pm, and on warm days it should be open until 8pm. I’m not 100% sure as to what constitutes a “warm day”. Entrance fee is €3.50 for adults. As far as I could see the pool is only slightly heated, so it’s not for the faint hearted.
It’s worth a visit on those hot summer days !

Maria Einsiedel

Another great outdoor pool is Sommerbad Maria Einsiedel which is located at Zentralländstraße 28, 81379 München. This is to the south of Munich near the Thalkirchen (Tierpark) U-bahn station on the U3 line. Maria Einsiedel has a stream running through it which you can jump into and will carry you through the park attached to it. The stream has been split off from the Isar, and is quite refreshing.

It’s not every day someone threatens you with lawyers …

Yesterday I got an nasty email from a company (lets call them F), based here in Germany. I had purchase a product from F some time at the end of 2006, and I think they have an opt in email list on purchasing a product, which is checked automatically.

Granted there were problem with the order and I complained but didn’t even receive an apology. So in January I started to get emails from about their service times etc. I sent an email asking them to be removed from the mailings but sadly they continued, they don’t have an opt out link or details in their emails, so I guess sending a reply stating that they shouldn’t email me again would be fine.

Yesterday I had a bit of time on my hands, and when I got yet another email from F, I decided to forward it to spamcop (www.spamcop.net). I considered it SPAM under the Article 13(1) (Paragraph 2) of the Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive [here]. So I replied to the email address stating what I did, and the at around 8pm last night I get a call, thankfully I didn’t answer it. But it was the owner or a worker of F who said “I know who you are, you an an ex-customer of ours, I want to know why you did what you did, you will be hearing from our lawyers if any damage is done, etc…”. Fine I can see why someone is annoyed, but they clearly missed the whole point of why I had reported them. They even sent me an email, stating the thing about the lawyers once again. So I explained why I had considered it SPAM and told them to contact my family lawyers (back in Cork) in all further correspondence.

The funny thing in all this is how someone thinks that they can threaten to sue me for damages after then sent SPAM. Also when someone starts to mention lawyers, I am no longer playing around. I would have take the time to explain it properly to them and maybe what they should do in future. But now that they say the L word, I am no longer interested in helping them, I did point them to the reference I quoted above. Hopefully that will keep them busy for awhile and maybe they will even update their policy for sending mailings.

See it’s not always good to feel wanted 😉